Using Products For Skin Care

June 11, 2015

There has been a lot of talk lately, about men who use skincare products. Surprisingly, I see judgement and vanity being mentioned as well. It seems to me that us who use creams and lotions are still branded as being "less of a man" or even women.

Of course, this does not bother me, but some of my friends don`t feel comfortable when being labeled this way.So, why are people labeling us this way?

Well, I believe that ignorance is mostly to blame here. Some people are set in their old ways, and since they are not using any of these new skincare products, they feel obligated to make those of us who use them, feel bad.

The goal of this website is not only to show that this is the wrong point of view, but also to give you some tips and advices on caring for your skin properly!

What we will be covering?

We have big plans, and hope to cover a wide range of different topics.

First, we will be focusing on facial skin health. Recommend products and procedures you can undergo to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, acne and all the other problems you might be facing.

Next, the rest of the skin on the body. The summer is upon us, so stacking up on some good quality skincare products, body washes and creams is a good way to keep your skin looking good!

Fighting sun damage is another one of our top priorities. Skin cancer is a serious threat, and using sunblock is advised whenever you are exposed to the direct sunlight! Many people take sun protection for granted, but after reading some of our articles, we hope you will change your mind!

That`s it for now, remember to stop by often and read our articles, you will learn a lot!

By the way, you can check out this video for some beginner skincare routine for men: